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Illinois courts plan a flexible future

Illinois courts plan a flexible future

The COVID-19 pandemic arrived as a cataclysmic shock to the court system, demanding quick decisions to adapt to fast-changing circumstances. What came as a surprise was how positive and potentially lasting some of those changes could become.
Kent professor examines the Constitution’s evolving role

Kent professor examines the Constitution’s evolving role

Carolyn Shapiro knows the Constitution. As co-director of Chicago-Kent College of Law’s Institute on the Supreme Court of the United States, her areas of academic study include the high court and its role in a society governed by this founding document.
Podcasts delve into Supreme Court and its decisions

Podcasts delve into Supreme Court and its decisions

The Supreme Court of the United States has long been a mysterious operation. Despite being the top and final court in the third branch of our government, the Court has operated in relative obscurity for most of its existence. But a number of podcasts focused on the U.S. Constitution and the Court provide a new avenue for analysis and conversation about its doings.

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Democracy depends on confidence in law and lawyers

In 1973, the Illinois legislature established Southern Illinois University School of Law to serve the public good. Nearly 50 years later, we are steadfastly committed to our mission to transform our students into the lawyers and community leaders of tomorrow, empowered with the knowledge and skills to improve their communities.

Ideals drive changes in justice system

The COVID-19 global pandemic presented a novel coronavirus with prevention and treatment methods then yet unknown. The Illinois Supreme Court’s response — pursuant to its administrative and supervisory authority over all courts in the state accorded by the Illinois Constitution — was to immediately lead a transformational effort, starting in March 2020, to mitigate the impact on access to justice for all Illinoisans.

Staying connected is mission critical

Simply put, it has been another extraordinary year. We know the practice of law has been forever changed. The legal profession continues to innovate and improve how and where we practice law, as well as how lawyers and the public interface with the judiciary.
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