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  • Trial Notebook

    Asking the Illinois Appellate Court to refrain from extending to malpractice litigation against an insurance broker the common-interest exception to the attorney-client privilege that the Illinois Supreme Court adopted in an insurance coverage case, two tort plaintiffs relied on Allianz v. Guidant, 373 Ill. App. 3d 652 (2007).
  • Lawyers' Forum

    The Illinois Supreme Court has held that all Illinois courts have a duty to vacate convictions for facially unconstitutional offenses, even where those convictions are only indirectly before a court that is hearing a civil matter.
  • Prosecution and Procedure

    Earlier this month, the Illinois Supreme Court affirmed an appellate court reversal of the termination of parental rights and remanded the matter for further proceedings.
  • Federal Courts

    In today’s case, the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals provides guidance on when a court may reduce attorney fees and so-called incentive pay in a suit for unsolicited faxes.
  • Cotter’s Corner

    As we move toward the end of summer, our nation appears to continue on a slow but certain erosion of the Rule of Law. Several things have happened this past week or so that suggest such erosion.
  • Tully’s Law

    For litigants, access to the federal courts is often a highly sought-after commodity. However, jurisdiction is not always easy to establish.
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