Trial Notebook


Noncompete query brings answer from southern states

Finding no Illinois precedent on the correct interpretation of a noncompetition agreement that provided restrictions lasting “not less than” three and five years, the 3rd District Illinois Appellate Court looked to cases from Georgia, Texas and Florida in answering a question of law that was certified for immediate appeal in the breach of contract case that Pam’s Academy of Dance in downstate Channahon filed against Callie Marik, a former employee.

Beyond the Playing Field


Youth hockey organization disputes heat up, antitrust grumblings

Youth hockey in Illinois has expanded tremendously over the past decade which can be attributed, at least in part, to the success of the Chicago Blackhawks since 2013.

Federal Courts


Flight time expires for vintage plane claim

Today’s case involves the ownership of a World War II-era P-51 Mustang fighter plane and several issues put before the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals: the statute of limitations for conversion, the discovery rule when the statute begins to run, the equitable estoppel or fraudulent concealment rule tolling the statute and the doctrine of laches.

Lawyers' Forum

Hardships of asylum seekers at southern border

U.S. law guarantees the right of anyone arriving in the United States who is fleeing for protection to request asylum. At our southern border, however, this right is being undermined.

Cotter’s Corner


Federal judiciary tilts more conservative with every Senate vote

Last week was another busy week in developments in our federal judiciary. This column highlights some of those developments, as President Donald Trump continues to build his judicial legacy, with a big assist from Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and the Senate Republican majority.

Margo’s Master Plan

Margo-Wolf-ODonnell-mental health-NBA-3-14-19,ph02

Access to mental health records is a double-edged sword

ESPN has reported that despite the NBA’s efforts to destigmatize mental illness, some owners are requesting access to the mental health records of their players, citing the millions of dollars they pay in player salaries and the need to protect that investment.

Lex Sportiva


As players pretend to be GMs, NBA needs to control situation

In the NBA, the concept of “super teams,” where star players join forces to stack the deck in their favor, is not a new phenomenon. However, the NBA does seem to be increasing its investigations into potential tampering by team officials, including tampering of players under contract.



Despite new state law, child support can be tricky for pro athlete

Family law cases involving professional athletes or other high-income earners require a strategic game plan, especially when it comes to the determination of child support.

Sports Marketing Playbook


MLB’s biometric ticketing move runs headlong into court ruling

Biometric identification of fans entering sports venues isn’t the future, it’s now a reality.

Non-Billable Hours


A low-stakes ‘Captain Marvel’ backstory now to save the universe later

Captain Marvel” has one job. That job is to explain the origin story of its titular shero well enough to justify her role in saving the universe when “Avengers: Endgame” opens on April 26.

Opening Statement


‘Choir of Man’ rocks, but ‘Bronx Tale’ not as meaty as ‘Todd’

Did you hear the one about the theater critic who walked into a bar? Sounds like the setup to a punchline — but in fact that’s what critics and audiences are doing this month at Chicago Shakespeare on Navy Pier.

The Laws of Fitness


Lost your running mojo? Here’s how to fire it up

I used to think a one-mile run wasn’t worth it, but as I got more busy in my life, I realized that even jumping on the treadmill for 10 minutes is better than nothing.
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