Trial Notebook


Plaintiffs lose lead in water claims

Trying to craft a class-action complaint against the City of Chicago for allegedly endangering residents by inadvertently releasing lead into drinking water when replacing outdated mains, meters and service lines, two homeowners asserted claims for negligence (Count 1) — contending that the need for medical monitoring satisfied the injury requirement — and inverse condemnation (Count 2) for making their property “more dangerous.”

Labor Daze


NLRB OKs trade association’s Facebook group post deletions

The Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf Inc. is a trade association that advocates for excellence in the delivery of interpretation and transliteration services, primarily for deaf persons.

Insurance Matters


Court finds no defense obligation despite allegations of negligence

The 1st District Appellate Court recently held that, despite allegations of negligence, a complaint against an insured under a general liability policy failed to trigger a duty to defend.

Cotter’s Corner


Barrett hearings conclude; court allows Trump to end census count

Last week was a busy week on the Supreme Court front, with the confirmation hearings on the nomination of Amy Coney Barrett and also continued utilization by the Supreme Court of its shadow docket.

Letter to the Editor

Letter: We must not let politics determine retention of judges

Judicial independence may be under attack from both sides of the political spectrum as this year’s election approaches.

Modern Family


Criminal orders of protection and how it can be a tool in civil cases

Family Law practitioners are well versed in the world of civil orders of protection. Unfortunately, civil orders of protection may become necessary when violence, harassment, or abuse is perpetrated by a family or household member, such as a spouse. When abuse occurs, the victim’s attorneys may petition the court for a civil order of protection, barring the other party from perpetuating the abuse and contacting the victim.

Opening Statement


Court Theatre readies in-depth look of Stoppard’s ‘Leopodstadt’

Stumped by Stoppard again.

Lex Sportiva


Title IX continues to have strong influence over college sports

Prior to the enactment and enforcement of Title IX, there was a significant imbalance between the amount of men and women student-athletes.

Opening Statement


More local theater shows sprout up

While COVID-19 continues to shut down national touring companies from performing in Chicago, I am happy to report all of our major local theater companies are not just wringing their hands or, much worse, sitting on them.

Opening Statement

frazin 9-25-20,ph01

‘Lonesome’ Rhodes paved the way for rise of Trump

I recently rediscovered yet another gem of a motion picture while surfing the internet during the pandemic blackout.

Sports Marketing Playbook


COVID-19 may compel leagues to address gambling integrity issues

As the sports world grapples with the realities of starting or restarting seasons during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, gambling on sports has also returned — and the virus that brought sports to a standstill and continues to hamper efforts to return to some sense of normalcy is having an impact on sports betting as well.

Movie Review


Sundance darling ‘Cuties’ is startling and jarring

Marketing miscues that catapulted French-Senegalese director Maïmouna Doucouré‘s debut film “Cuties” into the stratosphere of controversy have been a benefit and a curse for the startling film about the sexual vulnerability of pre-adolescent immigrant girls in Western society.
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