Bridget S. Davis
Berger Schatz
Family law

Committed to her clients. That is how peers describe Bridget Davis, a family law attorney with Chicago's Berger Schatz. 

As her fellow attorneys say, Davis works hard not just to represent her clients, but to lead them to the best possible resolution in the most efficient way possible. 

Emotions run high in family law cases. Davis takes the necessary steps to avoid court intervention by resolving matters outside of the courtroom. 

But in cases in which this is not possible? Davis is a fearless and compassionate advocate in court for her clients.

Gloria Block, managing partner at Hoffenberg & Block, LLC stated, “Bridget is always a well prepared, insightful attorney. She is the epitome or professionalism. She personifies everything that is positive in family law. Her word is her bond.” 

Attorney Azadeh Akbari has known Davis since 2015, when both attorneys were associates. The two worked strategies together for their cases, and while doing this, Akbari soon discovered just how deep Davis' knowledge of the law ran. 

Akbari said that she often turned to Davis for advice on litigation issues because of her extensive trial experience, skills and her familiarity with judges. 

"Bridget achieves results for her clients through her fierce advocacy," Akbari said. "She cares about her clients and she's invested in the people she represents, a quality that is rare but extremely important in the area of family law. She's a tenacious litigator. She works faster than almost anyone I know, while maintaining quality and a high level of legal skill."

Akbari points to two results that showcase Davis' skills. She earned sole decision-making and a majority parenting schedule for a father against the recommendation of the Child's Representative and expert. She also obtained court-sanctioned international relocation for a client.

Davis also gives back to her profession. She serves as the chair of the Chicago Bar Association's Domestic Relations Committee. Davis is also a frequent speaker on family law matters.

Timothy Jasper, partner with Chicago law firm Davis|Friedman, served as opposing counsel on a difficult case with Davis, one that involved a dynamic personality with assets and liabilities that needed to be considered. This included equity interests that coincided with an IPO of a private company going public. 

The result? Davis successfully negotiated a settlement to save the marital estate more than $12 million.

"Bridget not only had to know some intricate details regarding IPOs, she also had to navigate a tough non-disclosure agreement with her client and his prior company," Jasper said. "She would employ a variety of communication methods to advocate for her client but still maintain disclosure to allow for a settlement. The case could have ended dramatically different but for the methods used."