Amanda Oliver
Weiss Kunz & Oliver
Matrimonial and family law

Amanda Oliver has a simple rule for her practice: Do what is right for the client and their family, not just what is easy. 

That truth has guided Oliver as she's built a thriving family law practice. One of her recent notable successes came when she represented a client who objected to confidential information from therapy sessions being exposed in litigation. 

The judge overseeing this case agreed with Oliver's argument in support of the motion filed by the children’s representative. This provided Oliver and her client an important victory. But it also provided an equally important victory for all children and parties undergoing court ordered therapy. This case set a precedent that confidential information from these sessions will not be used in litigation, in any manner, in a family law case. 

Marc Fisher, an attorney with Katz Goldstein & Warren, has also been on the opposite end of cases from Oliver. He says that Oliver is always a worthy opponent, but is also easy to work with, kind to all parties and, perhaps most importantly, dedicated to achieving the best results for her clients. 

"Amanda always has the ability to reach a resolution, no matter how difficult the circumstances," Fisher said. "She puts the clients’ interests first and advocates for their concerns, while always maintaining her highly professional composure."

In one instance, Fisher was serving as a guardian ad litem in a case where Oliver was representing a parent. One of the parties in the case was making the process nearly impossible, making for a combative environment, Fisher said. Oliver, though, was able to deal with the emotions of all the parties involved and guided the clients into resolutions that would benefit everyone in the case, Fisher said.

"Amanda is an extraordinarily hard worker that, regardless of the difficulty of the case, always handles it the right way," Fisher said. "She has the ability to manage emotional aspects of cases by breaking it down to the law and the situation at hand. Amanda’s skills as an attorney, along with her admirable attitude, make her an excellent candidate for this recognition."

Oliver's legal skills have undoubtedly played a key role in her success. But there's another reason for her success: Oliver not only has a firm grasp of rules and procedure, but she cares deeply about her clients. 

Kathryn Ciesla with the law firm Ciesla Beeler said that Oliver understands her clients' personal struggles, challenges and concerns. 

"To see both sides in the area of family law - where no one really wins - is a true asset to her clients and our profession," Ciesla said. 

And when it's time to fight for her clients? Oliver doesn't hesitate. 

"Amanda is a smart litigator," Ciesla said. "She is thorough in the way she moves a case forward, always open to settlement but preparing to litigate and eventually appeal if the need should arise. She maintains control of her clients and she prepares them well. She manages their expectations, which is hard to do in the area of family law when so much is on the line.