Bob Morgan
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Health Care law

Bob Morgan is passionate about public service. It's not surprising, then, this healthcare law attorney would one day seek public office. In 2018, Morgan was elected to the Illinois House of Representatives, where he serves the 58th District in the North Shore suburbs. 

This gives Morgan the chance to make a positive change not just with his legal career but as an elected member of the Illinois General Assembly. 

Adam Vaught with Hinshaw & Culbertson said Morgan has long been a compassionate advocate for his clients.

"Bob's commitment to helping medical providers care for patients as easily and efficiently as possible is not simply a professional commitment, but a personal one," Vaught said. "His life experiences drive him to make the world a better, kinder, healthier place. He considers his abilities to have been given to him not for personal profit but to serve others. That has been his guiding principle."

Morgan made an impact earlier in his career while working as general counsel for the Illinois Department of Public Health. At the same time, he worked for the governor's office to regulate the legalized use of marijuana for medicinal purposes.

Morgan served as the first leader and primary architect of the Illinois Medical Cannabis Pilot Program. He was responsible for creating the legal framework for an industry from scratch. 

That is just one example of the work Morgan has turned in during his career. He also oversaw all legal issues involving Illinois' implementation of the Affordable Care Act as Associated General Counsel in the Office of the Governor. 

"As long as I have known him, Mr. Morgan has always shown the ability, confidence and determination to achieve exceptional results," said Eamon Kelly with Sperling & Slater. "As a result of his work in the public sector, Mr. Morgan has emerged as an elite advisor in the health care regulatory space. He stands out from his peers for his ability to predict industry and regulatory trends, creatively develop new approaches to emerging issues and deeply understand his clients' unique needs."

Now a member of the Illinois House of Representatives, Morgan continues to focus on the needs of the less fortunate. His peers say that Morgan works hard as an elected official to ensure that the state and its agencies are acting in the best interests of Illinois' citizens. 

Janice Bonneville, vice president for finance and planning with Illinois State University and one of Bob’s supervisors during his state employment, said Morgan's work on Illinois' move to legalize medical cannabis provides an example of his ability to bring people together, even if they are on opposite sides of an issue. 

Morgan brought a "get it done" attitude toward this effort, Bonneville said. He spent hours convincing the necessary parties to reach agreements that benefitted Illinois residents. 

"Bob is one of the kindest souls that I have met," Bonneville said. "This is not ordinarily an attribute that one would consider when thinking of exceptional lawyering skills, but this trait makes him able to uniquely connect with individuals where others could not.