Judd Z. Fineberg
Dussias Wittenberg Koenigsberger LLP
Family law

Judd Fineberg’s fellow attorneys say that this family law specialist is a dedicated advocate for his clients. They also praise his courtroom skills, saying that no attorney outworks or outthinks Fineberg. Other nominators cite Fineberg’s negotiating talents when explaining how this young attorney has crafted such a strong career in family law well before his 40th birthday.

One thing that his peers do agree on is that Fineberg can steer even the most contentious and complex cases to a strong resolution for his clients.

Jay Dahlin, with Chicago’s Schiller DuCanto & Fleck, gives an example. He and Fineberg resolved a complex and difficult parenting and financial divorce for a family that lived thousands of miles apart. The two attorneys worked with the parties and the court late into the night on multiple occasions to craft a judgment that was equitable and logical for the family.

“I was impressed by Judd’s fortitude in the negotiations and subsequent arguments to the court, and the results he achieved for his client,” Dahlin said. “He and I have been on the opposite side of many cases, and I have always appreciated his professionalism and knowledge of the law.”

Dion Davi, with Davi Law Group, said that while Fineberg is a zealous advocate for his clients, he is also realistic. He recognizes the weaknesses in his clients’ positions and will concede matters when it makes sense rather than mounting a baseless argument that wastes time and money.

“I have personally experienced Judd’s ability to be forthright with managing client expectations and working toward the correct result,” Davi said. “This is a character trait that many seasoned attorneys do not possess.”

When not fighting for his clients, Fineberg volunteers for his profession and community. Fineberg is active with the Illinois State Bar Association and has guest-lectured at IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law. He also has served on the planning committee for the Illinois Institute for Continuing Legal Education’s American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers’ annual Columbus Day seminar. Fineberg, too, is an active member of the Northwestern Alumni Association.

Fineberg’s fellow attorneys predict that the future is bright for this family law star.

“Judd has an uncanny ability to combine exceptional litigation skills with equally exceptional negotiation skills to achieve an exceptional outcome for his clients,” said Kourosh Arami with Chicago’s Arami Law Office. “As my opposing counsel, he was not only able to articulate his client’s position convincingly, but at the same time he was able to be practically minded enough to negotiate successfully on behalf of his client. In this area of law, that is an enviable skill set.”