Aaron Boeder
Salvi Schostok & Pritchard
Medical malpractice

Finding the core issues. That's one of the top reasons for the success enjoyed by medical malpractice specialist Aaron Boeder.

Boeder's peers say that this rising star with Chicago's Salvi Schostok & Pritchard has a strong grasp of medicine and is quickly able to identify the key issues in the cases he takes on. This has led to a string of successful verdicts and settlements for his clients. 

At the same time, Boeder remains calm in even the most complex of cases, his fellow attorneys say. His courtroom demeanor inspires confidence. 

"I have been impressed with Aaron's preparation, worth ethic and determination," said Michael Walsh with Chicago's Kitch Law. "He is courteous, professional and has done an exceptional job deposing key witnesses and experts in complex medical malpractice actions. In short, he 'gets it' and his demeanor in high-stress cases far exceeds his years of practice."

During his relatively short career, Boeder has helped secure several major verdicts and settlements for his clients. In 2017, he obtained an $11.25 million jury verdict on behalf of a child whose mother was killed in a motor vehicle collision in Rockford, Illinois. 

In 2015, he helped secure a jury verdict of $15.2 million for a client who was struck by a forklift in an incident at Chicago's McCormick Place Convention Center. That case was appealed by defense counsel, subsequently settling for $19.5 million, a figure that included the interest that accrued during the appeal process.

Michael Slovis with Chicago's Cunningham, Meyer and Vedrine said that Boeder works hard to achieve these results. He is uncommonly dedicated to his clients, Slovis said. 

While Boeder is unquestionably a talented litigator, he's also exceptionally ethical, Slovis said. Boeder respects the profession, is honest with his clients and never takes shortcuts, he said. 

"When you meet Aaron, you realize that he is a strong advocate for his clients but does not put that ahead of doing the right thing," Slovis said. "He treats everyone with respect, does his homework and respects the strengths of his opposition. He views the legal profession and his craft as a quest to do the right thing."

His fellow attorneys say that Boeder's commitment to his clients is inspiring and something rarely seen in lawyers with his experience. 

Shawn Kasserman with Tomasik Kotin Kasserman in Chicago pointed to a case in which Boeder represented a woman who was left blind in both eyes because of a blood clot in her brain. Boeder secured a settlement of $14.85 million in this case.  Kasserman said, "He is remarkable in his ability do so with great success in supplying his clients with full compensation."

Given his success, it's not surprising that others have recognized this young attorney as a force in the medical malpractice field. He is an active member of numerous bar association. Outside of the legal profession, Boeder has served his country as an officer in the Army National Guard.

"I know Aaron to be passionate, hard-working, empathetic, professional, diligent, capable and a fierce advocate for justice for the weak or forgotten," said Andrew Boutros with Chicago's Dechert LLP. "He cares and cares a lot. Aaron embodies what it means to be a rising star."