Courtney E. Gregory
Simmons Hanly Conroy LLC
Estate planning

Courtney Gregory boasts all the skills you’d expect a top attorney to possess: She has an in-depth knowledge of the law, a tireless work ethic and the ability to craft winning strategies when facing even the most complex of cases.

But Gregory also has a deep commitment to her clients. She will do whatever it takes to earn the best results for them. She also empathizes with them and cares about their welfare, something her peers say shows in the long hours Gregory turns in to deliver them settlements and verdicts.

“She is extremely passionate about her work for sick and dying clients,” said Steven Hart, an attorney with Hart McLaughlin & Eldridge. “I have seen firsthand her soft touch with her clients and yet her very strong and zealous pursuit of her clients’ best interests in litigation.”

Hart said that Gregory regularly resolves cases for seven figures on behalf of her individual clients.

“Courtney possess top-notch trial skills, no doubt, but her personal skills and ability to deal with sick and dying clients and opposing counsel alike are remarkable,” Hart said. “She is among the best I have seen in my nearly 30-year law career.”

Much of Gregory’s work is done on behalf of people diagnosed with asbestos-related diseases. These people are often terminal or have recently lost a loved one. Allison Sonneveld with the Edwardsville office of law firm Polsinelli said that Gregory is an expert at pushing her clients to complete the discovery portion of their cases while making sure the litigation process does not hasten their already shortened life expectancy.

Sonneveld said that asbestos cases often pose challenges to attorneys because they force lawyers to master and understand multiple trades. Gregory has done this, and it has helped her to build her thriving legal career.

Gregory worked on Simmons’ mesothelioma teams for several years before earning a promotion to head the lung cancer team. This success is no surprise to Gregory’s fellow attorneys.

“Courtney’s litigation approach strikes the perfect balance between kindness and tenacity,” said Christopher Carlos with the Chicago law firm of Johnson & Bell. “While her No. 1 goal is to achieve results for her clients, she has always been able to do so with a smile on her face and a professionalism that should be an example for others. She is unwavering in her advocacy, but courteous in her approach.”

Gregory has a long history of giving back to her community and profession. She regularly provides pro bono legal services through the Madison County Legal Clinic. She also donates her time to the Second Chance events held by her firm. During these events, attorneys with Simmons Hanly Conroy, including Gregory, volunteer to help people expunge or seal court records for past minor offenses, misdemeanors and other nonviolent crimes. Gregory volunteers, too, with St. Gerald Majella Parish.