Elizabeth M. Neidig
Hall Prangle & Schoonveld LLC
Medical-malpractice defense

How successful has Elizabeth Neidig been in the field of medical malpractice defense? Despite her relatively young career, Neidig has already earned an impressive streak of successful verdicts and settlements in numerous medical malpractice cases.

This speaks to what Neidig’s peers say is her uncanny ability to identify those times in which it makes sense to go to litigation and when accepting a settlement is the better option for her clients.

And if she decides to proceed to trial? Neidig never provides her clients with less than expert representation.

“Litigation can be and, unfortunately, often is contentious,” said Chicago attorney Sheldon Brenner, who has co-defended physicians alongside Neidig. “Not so with Elizabeth. She has always demonstrated the highest level of civility and professionalism while aggressively defending the interests of her clients. Not once did I ever observe Elizabeth to be discourteous or disrespectful to other counsel, witnesses or the court. I can attest to the fact that Elizabeth has achieved outstanding outcomes for her clients.”

Amy Anderson of Brenner Monroe, Scott & Anderson too, also has nothing but praise for Neidig’s work. She would know. She has known Neidig for almost six years.

“I have watched Elizabeth learn and grow as medical negligence litigator,” Anderson said. “She grasps the medical issues within the case and understands the nuances between various parties.”

What sets Neidig apart from other attorneys? Her peers say that Neidig is always thoroughly prepared for her cases. Defending complicated medial cases is no easy task. Attorneys who succeed in this field research their cases extensively, study medical issues and work long hours on behalf of their clients.

Neidig does all this and more, according to her fellow attorneys.

Thomas Gorman with Chicago’s Schiff Gorman has worked with Neidig in connection with his plaintiff’s claim against a surgeon. He says that he respects this young attorney as a formidable opponent, but has also grown to appreciate her meticulous preparation, precise and in-depth legal acumen and her ability to remain civil even while aggressively defending her clients.

“An effective trial lawyer must exhibit a superior skill, attention, persuasion, honesty and credibility. While Elizabeth has come by many of these attributes naturally, it is clear that she was worked hard to become such a fine advocate at such a young age,” Gorman said.