Marissa Downs
Much Shelist
Litigation, dispute resolution

Marissa Downs doesn’t shy away from challenges. It’s one reason why she’s earned a reputation as one of the most passionate and talented litigation attorneys in Illinois.

A good example is the work she turned in during a complex case in the highly regulated nascent industry in Illinois. Video gaming. Downs led the way the complex discovery to the Illinois Supreme court.

The Illinois Supreme Court ruled in favor of Down’s client.

“Marissa displayed trusted judgement throughout the litigation,” said Derek Harmer General Counsel of Accel Entertainment Gaming, “The company received a favorable decision, no doubt due to Marissa’s zealous advocacy and thoughtful analysis.”

These results, and the praise she generates from her clients and peers, is one reason why Downs is highly sought after.

Downs also successfully represents Tecumseh various in litigation matters. Tecumseh manufactures various compressors and air conditioning components. Tecumseh faces litigation across the globe and Downs has helped them along the way. Christopher DeWetter the Legal Depart Manager has raves about Downs, “Tecumseh litigation is varied and so are the geographic areas of our product coverage. Marissa is able to grasp the litigation concept and the product issue no matter of we are dealing within North America or thousands of miles away in Europe.” DeWetter added, “I would seriously be hampered if was forced to use other Counsel in the day to day, I could not do it without her.”

Steven P. Blonder of Much Shelist said, “simply put for all of my significant matters, “Marissa is a go to person. She is able to work effectively as part of a team and is integral to our success.”

In addition to her busy practice Downs is a very active member of her community. She is a member of the Lakeview Pantry Young Leader’s Board and board of Directors. Ashley Friend, Director of Development of the Lakeview Pantry, said, “Marissa has impressed me with her ability to continually rise to any challenge that Pantry may present to her.” Friend, continued, “Her thoughtfulness and reflection are greatly appreciated by all members of the Board and Staff.

If that is not enough, Downs also is also committed to pro bono services she has worked defended community organization against a baseless claim and has successfully petitioned the U.S. customs and Immigration Service to grant legal status to an indigent client. She is also active member of the Coalition of Women’s Initiatives in Law.