Mitchell P. Morinec
Segal McCambridge Singer & Mahoney, Ltd.
Commercial litigation and products liability

It didn’t take his fellow attorneys long to realize that Mitchell Morinec was destined to become one of the top commercial litigation and products liability attorneys in the Chicago area.

Joseph Vito, with Palatine’s Lavelle Law, points to a case that Morinec led just two years after he graduated from law school in which he served as the lead defense attorney in a multi-million dollar commercial litigation matter in which his client was targeted by a Plaintiff that enlisted the services of the litigation chairman of a nationally renowned firm.

“His role in that case and command of the litigation at such an early age foreshadowed his abilities as a litigator in the future, and are still evident in his practice today,” Vito said.

That’s impressive. And it was far from the only time that Morinec at a young age took control of complex commercial cases.

“Despite being young, Mitch always took command of multiple cases, mentored associates both younger and older and established a case-management system that was effective and productive in the handling of a significant volume of cases,” Vito said. “This experience helped Mitch continue to take leadership roles in litigation and ultimately take charge of numerous client accounts as he progressed into partnership.”

Morinec’s string of legal victories are impressive. For example, after two years of litigation, Morinec obtained the complete dismissal of a commercial lawsuit claiming more than $4.5 million in damages against his client.

Morinec also obtained an outright dismissal on behalf of a multi-national prescription drug maker in a products liability lawsuit alleging permanent neurological injury. Morinec earned his dismissal based on a recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling.

Even those attorneys who have faced off against Morinec have plenty of praise for this young lawyer.

“From the perspective of an adversary, I can attest that Mitch’s hard work and attention to detail has provided great value to his clients,” said Gregg Strellis, with Chicago’s Strellis & Field. “I have seen Mitch limit the exposure to his client by skillfully cross-examining crucial fact witnesses and limiting expert opinions to protect his client’s interests.”

And Morinec does this with the utmost professionalism.

“Mitch is a throwback,” Strellis said. “Mitch has, at a young age, mastered the art of being a zealous advocate while maintaining great professionalism and civility.”

Kristen Griffin, with Chubb Insurance, said that Morinec always provides his clients with the strongest possible representation.

Griffin should know. She worked with Morinec over the last three years on a product liability claim in federal court.

“Mitch’s knowledge of the law and science, as well as tenacity in refuting constantly changing arguments by opposing counsel, allowed us to resolve the case at an aggressive sum despite outlandish demands,” Griffin said. “I found him to be quick-witted in court, with extensive knowledge of the law and rules of court. His keen knowledge of the law was truly an asset.”